Real-time mobile supply chain, track, trace and control solution

Vital EMS
Get your factory Industry 4.0 ready with VINREA.

VINREA provides smart and intelligent real-time mobile supply chain and Track, Trace and Control for Electronic Manufacturing Industry.

VINREA integrates systems from all major manufactures and is highly customizable to specific needs of the customers

VINREA Features Overview

Inventory or components are key part of a circuit board. Utlizing the components effectively and helps in cost reductions thus giving you and your customers a competitive advantage. Reatime visibility, improved quality, efficient manufacturing and elimination of human errors.


  • Real-time inventory management
  • Mobile supply chain
  • Warehouse management
  • Production planning
  • Picking
  • Kitting and Palletization

To keep up with today's competitive market it is necessary to reduce production costs and product liabilities with warranty and recalls. VINREA provides a smart, real-time traceability solution for your Factory. VINREA-Trace integrates with all major equipment vendors including laser marking/labelling, placement, reflow ovens, SPI, AOI and ICT. Also it integrates seamlessly with any ERP systems for real-time updates including Oracle Enterprise Suite and SAP.

With VINREA, it is simple to identify any production issues and correct it immediately.


  • Product traceability
  • Component traceability
  • Process traceability

Insight to centralized real-time data provides analytics on inventory and the various process it goes through in real time. Establish and improve the production efficiency based on the KPI and reduce wastage of materials.