EaziEd - School Management System

Improve Efficiency and Reduce human effect. Enhance your school with EaziEd.

VitalMed SMS
EaziEd is a multipurpose school and college management software designed to meet the dynamic requirements of the education industry. You can use this to manage your day-to-day administration activities like managing students, teachers, staff, courses, hostel, canteen, library, transportation and accounting. With EaziEd, teachers can concentrate more on educating and mentoring the students rather than spending time on administrative work. It provides all the tools needed for an effective administration of the school.

“One solution does fit all – EaziEd can be easily tailored to your needs”

Aside the education industry’s best practices being built in, EaziEd can be easily customized to suit to your unique requirements if any. How you want it to be deployed is based on your choice. It can be deployed onsite, hosted or as a SaS or a Cloud Application. You just need to choose the right deployment method that suits your school.


  • Attendance
  • Leave and Permission
  • New Admission
  • Promotion and Discharge
  • ID card Generation
  • Memo Generation
  • Progress Report
  • Analysis Report
  • Demographic Details
  • Name List Reports
  • SMS Communication
  • Attendance
  • Recruitment
  • Salary and Payroll
  • ID card Generation
  • Staff Details
  • Performance Analysis
  • Communication
  • Memo Generation
  • Class Note, Assignment & Sample Paper
  • Faculty Workload Report
  • Leave Manager
  • Purchases
  • Stock Entry
  • Job processing
  • Warehouses
  • Item Register
  • Stock Adjustment / Scrap
  • Internal Indent
  • Internal Dispatch
  • Invoice Generation
  • Student Report
  • Group Invoice Generation
  • Receipts
  • Collection Reports
  • Transactions
  • Accounts
  • Cheque Printing
  • Salary Instruction to Banks
  • Mess Billing
  • Room Allocation
  • Attendance
  • Leave Processing
  • SMS Communication
  • Memo Generation
  • Visitor handling
  • Amenity Handling (Washing, Tuition, Other Activities)
  • Resource Plan
  • Resource Creation
  • Resource Maintenance
  • Scheduling and Timetable Management
  • Book Master
  • Book Stock
  • Book Locator
  • Transaction
  • Enquiry
  • Book Issue
  • Book Return
  • Allocate Student
  • Vehicle Management
  • Route Management
  • Attendance Sheet on PDA with Synchronization
  • Calendar
  • Event Link to Website
  • Holidays
  • ECA Schedules
  • Club Activities
  • Work Plan
  • Work Register
  • Class Performance Analysis
  • Notice Board
  • Visitor Reception
  • Parent Detail
  • Parent Interactions with Login
  • PTA Meeting Notes
  • Billing
  • Purchases
  • Asset Tracking
  • Schedule Generation
  • Duty Rosters
  • Check Lists
  • Schedule Generation
  • Hall Ticket Generation
  • Room Allocation
  • Invigilation Duty
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Online Education forum
  • Live chat
  • Higher Study Information
  • Student Document
  • Staff Documents
  • Other official documents
  • SMS Notification
  • Email Notification
  • One stop solution EaziEd

    • Generate more enquirers with effective data retention
    • Real-time student information
    • Data analysis – Enquiry / Admission / Drop out
    • Parent profiling
    • Effective communication by SMS/ Email
    • Interactive Dashboard
    • Certificate Request
    • Student Attendance
    • Automated invoice generation
    • On time reminder on outstanding payment
    • Course Instructor salary calculation
    • P/L statement and balance sheet
    • Certificate Request
    • Student Attendance
    • Automated invoice generation
    • On time reminder on outstanding payment
    • Course Instructor salary calculation
    • P/L statement and balance sheet

    Pre-admission Features

    Paperless Student Admission / Management
    Streamline your admission processes with our fully integrated online admissions software. VitalMed features can be customised to fit your admissions process, providing a seamless experience for enrolling students.

    Student Attendance
    Provide students and parents the opportunity to see the attendance online on a daily/monthly basis at their convenience. Using our secure transaction platform is a quick and easy way to process all attendance.

    CRM Features

    Lead Management
    Identify students who are interested in the courses offered by your institute. VitalMed helps you to manage potential leads through online behaviour patterns, providing you with the insight you need to convert these leads to admissions.

    Click to Call and Email
    One click email, call or SMS prospects. Our integrated CRM function enables your admissions staff to proactively chase up potential leads with ease.

    Our integrated SMS and Email features help you to keep in touch with prospective students. VitalMed makes relationship management easy. Keep students up to date with institution’s news, while they are making their decision.

    Finance & Accounting

    Keep track of all transactions, admissions fees, library fees and any other payments. Students and parents can easily see records of transactions they’ve made to the institute, all tracked in one simple place.

    Online Payment Options
    Remove the burden of waiting to pay fees upfront in person. VitalMed secure transaction platform allows students to pay from the comfort of their homes. An essential feature of any modern school management software.

    Balance Sheets PNL Statement
    Let VitalMed manage your financial statements and crunch the numbers to provide detailed statistics on your institution’s economic standing, such as Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statements.


    Student & Behaviour Analytics
    How happy and healthy are your students? Are they getting along with their peers? Classe365 displays aggregate behavioral patterns and suggests appropriate actions to take in case of anomalous behavior.

    Institution Analytics
    Instantly crunch the numbers on your school’s academic performance, holistically and at a class level. Easily compare our interactive graphs and charts to old statistics and get a sense of where your school currently stands.

    Advanced Reporting
    Take your institution's reporting further and observe trends in academic performance, behavior and health analytics for every student in your institution. We help to make sure no student is left behind with the addition of this student management system module.