Robotics Automation & Systems Integration

Stay competitive with Robotics Automation

Vital EMS
VitalMed offers turnkey Industrial Automation Systems and Solutions with Industrial Robots for a wide range of applications through our partner network.

With over 150 years of cumulative expertize and 50+ consultants, we provide the best and cost-effective solutions.

Automating your repetitive jobs help to improve efficiency, speed, accuracy and eliminate human errors. Use the manpower for challenging tasks than a routine.

Our specialized team of experts will give you the best industrial automation solutions as per the needs of your factory.

Robotic Automation Solutions include:

  • Machine loading/ unloading, Material Handling
  • Pick & Place, Palletising
  • Arc Welding Systems for Engineering Industry
  • Spot Welding Cells and Solutions
  • Spraying, Coating and Painting
  • Extraction application (Plastic Injection Mold Machines, Pressure Die cast and Gravity Die cast)
  • Deburring, Buffing, Polishing, Fettling & grinding
  • Sub Assembly Manufacturing/supply for specific usecase
  • Installation Support & Commissioning

Services for Robotic Automation:

  • Machine loading/ unloading, Material HandlingSoftware Simulation, Teaching
  • System Integration of Robots
  • Integration to ERP or other software