About VitalMed

VitalMed is a Health Care Engineering Services Provider and an Information Technology company. Since its inception from 1994 VitalMed has grown multi fold. Along with a team of passionate employees, committed partners and some exciting clients, every day is a chance to innovate and invent, and create smarter solutions at VitalMed.

The goal of VitalMed is to provide customers with quality products at competitive prices with an underlying theme of understanding each customer’s needs and fulfilling those with sensitivity, professionalism, high ethics, and optimal quality in products and service.

VitalMed’s goal and responsibility is to provide the community, its employees and its customers the highest degree of quality and competency within all phases of company processes. Our Core Values has embarked us to stand up high in the market whilst et all Software Services and Health Care services. From small renovations and work on medical office buildings, to new hospitals that span more than 500,000 square feet, VitalMed has decades of healthcare facility experience. However, just as important as this track record is our proven ability to not just design efficient MEPT systems, but also develop solutions that best serve patients and medical professionals alike.
1. Passion for Quality: It’s who we are!
2. Customer Service: We can only be successful when we make our customers successful.
3. Integrity: We are true to ourselves and treat all with respect and honor.
4. Collaboration & Teamwork: We succeed by helping other succeed.
5. Technically Competent: “Constantly learning” attitude allows us to stay current with the latest emerging technology trends, better understand our customer’s challenges and ultimately provide more impactful resources.
6. Natural Competitors: We want to win! Helping our customers and employees succeed is how we define a win
7. Driven: We embrace the hustle and stay focused on continued education to not only enable ourselves, but to enable others
8. Perseverance: Preservance: We have always treated the challenges as a learning opportunity and we have never given up

Business Affiliates

We collaborate to develop solutions, scale ideas and create better efficiencies and outcomes to address some of healthcare's most challenging problems. Through our business affiliates, we provide services and solutions that focus on Engagement, Health Analytics and Clinical Services. Current solutions include platforms for virtual engagement, improved connectivity between patients, providers, and/or payers, and a digital health platform aiming to empower patients and providers.